Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two more Dirty Days

If you missed the Dirty Show's "Big Opening" weekend (to borrow a joke from Elvira), you can still make plans to attend either this Friday or Saturday evening. I'll probably be around some on Saturday evening, but my work will be hangin' around both nights. A framed print of this shot of Sophie King (as in "she's Sophie King cool"... clever, eh?) sold last weekend, so thanks to the mystery buyer. Two more framed prints remain, along with many affordable "loose prints" so be sure to stop by and check it all out. Last Saturday night the place was filled to capacity, so get there early!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't know whether to blog or wind my watch...

Just feeling sort of crazy busy lately, partly due to the move, partly due to ramping up my shooting (and therefore, editing) lately, lots of driving, not enough sleeping, and various other fallout from procrastination. Lots of good stuff in there as well, such as preparing for this weekend's Dirty Show where I'll have three pieces on the wall, and a lot of work in the museum store -- there's even special pricing on selected prints... just $20 for a signed 11x14, so how can you go wrong?

So as the end of a long day approaches, where a few things got done, but not nearly enough, I figured I'd just check in and share a photo. This is MsPoisoness from a shoot well before the deluge of snow. I didn't notice the landlord walking up behind her while I was taking these shots, but he didn't say a word... maybe he didn't even see her, or maybe after years of dealing with photographers, a nude woman on a loading dock doesn't even faze him.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Au revoir grimy dungeon

Well, the windowless "grimy dungeon" has joined the list of my "former" studio locations, and now onto location #5. Still in the same "complex" but this new space has some nice windows, distressed wood floors, an eventual "seamless" wall, and other civilized elements. And I'm hoping there won't be the constant shower of black dust from the ceiling, nor a constant barrage of bad music spilling through the wall that characterized the dungeon. Despite all that, it did have its photogenic appeal for my type of work... the shot above is NinaD from one of the handful of shoots I did in the space.

I will be sharing the new space with Dave Levingston, who you may know from his blog, or may even know in real life. (Congrats to Dave for his appearance in the new issue of Carrie Leigh Nude magazine, along with receiving their first Arts for Humanity award.) Dave's moved out of the studio he's occupied for about 10 years, so it should be something a fresh start for both of us.

Thanks to Tia and Ron for their help moving my stuff over to the new space. too.