Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Support Stephy C

Been a while since I asked you to go vote on something, but my friend Stephy C is in contention for a pretty serious prize, and could use your support to put her over the top. As she explains it: "You can vote once a day (per computer) every day until July 1st. I'm the 2nd thumbnail in the 2nd to last row (it's in alphabetical order). And don't forget that you can always help promote me..." To vote, just follow the link, let the page load, select her thumbnail (near the bottom of the page) then scroll back up to the top to cast your vote. Thanks!

Update: Stephy has moved into second place! Voting ends July 1, so please take a minute and help her move into the top spot!

Final Update: Stephy held on to win the second place prize! Congrats Stephy, and thanks to those of you who took the time to vote!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In yet another instance of life imitating art, a number of years after Mr. Show parodied a NASA mission to blow up the moon because "we have the technology and science demands it" comes the news of a NASA mission to fire a rocket into the moon and blow up a chunk to create a six-mile dust cloud, ostensibly in search of ice or water. I'd echo the monkey's question of "why?" and the protestor's sentiment that there are things right here on earth we need to blow up first.

Not sure why I picked this particular shot of Danaid to put here, but I get a kick out of it. She's always a blast to work with.

Got word from Vato that he'd received his subscription copy of Erotic Review with my feature in it, and that the printing and all looks good. They're sending me a few copies, but just shipped today, so I might not have them until July sometime. The magazine is also "putting to bed" their book of the contest, and it looks like I'll have 6 or 7 pages in that as well, so I'm guessing that should be available in a month or so. The 2008 book is still available, with 4 of my shots in it.

Think I have the Chicago trip pretty well figured out. Looks like I'll be working with 9 models over 5 days, and attending a show of one of my old-school favorite bands, X, at the Double Door. Should be an excellent weekend... so, until I return back to the bloggin' seat, I'll leave you with another shot of Danaid.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicago Bound

This is another draft story I didn't actually post from last year, but the title is fitting today. Going to Chicago next week for some shoots, a little less prepared at this point than I'd like to be. Going to try to pin down more details in the next couple days. However, if any of you readers know of shooting locations in Chicago, would greatly appreciate it if you left a comment with some information. Abandoned buildings, old buildings, stairwells, basements, etc.

This shot is actually from NYC, where I rented studio space, but ended up getting all my best stuff in the stairwells and fire escape. Go figure. :)

Second Thoughts

Another "unabandoned" draft from a while ago... not sure what I was having second thoughts about, but I don't think it was related to these images of Kate. (Would enjoy the chance to shoot with her again, but she seems to have dropped off the radar.) Sometimes, I have second thoughts about a blog entry, in that something isn't suitable, or a rant I typed to get off my chest, but thought better of posting. But it's lost now.

Have had some minor wake-up calls as to the passing of time lately. The other day, someone mentioned a movie, and in my mind I thought, "oh yeah, that was fairly recent... maybe 5 or 6 years ago." Then I looked it up on IMDB, and it came out in 1994, or FIFTEEN years ago. Also this week, I was given an invitation by a co-worker to a graduation party for his son... from college! Again, I had to stop and rewind, but realize that we've worked together for probably 12 years now. (The other thing that means is that his son is older than Kate here.) I'm sorry, these time spans are simply NOT possible. Maybe with another birthday on the horizon, I'm subconsciously more aware of stuff like this, but geez, I think a recount is in order.

Speaking of recount, I read the other day that over $50 million has been spent on legal fees and such between Al Franken and Norm Coleman in the Minnesota senate race, that more than six months after the election has still not been definitively settled. When it was "too close to call" but seemed just a hair in Coleman's favor, he was demanding that Franken concede without dragging lawyers into it, like it was just the proper and polite thing to do. But once Franken's pursuit of a full counting of the ballots and the recount show that FRANKEN actually seems to have the slim lead, there's no legal ploy that Coleman won't attempt. It's conceivable, given some very specific laws and possible appeals, that Franken won't be seated until fall or winter. Come on, Norm. Just give it up. You lost. Get over it. Get a job on Faux News with those big bleached teeth of yours and let your state be represented.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feeling drafty...

Just noticed that I have 99 blog posts that are stuck in the limbo of "draft" mode. These are generally just a picture, or maybe a few lines, intended to be expanded and expounded upon at greater length, but some urgency or other distracted me from finishing the job. This shot of Galetea has been languishing in the draft folder for almost a year, and I have no recollection as to what cogent commentary I once had in mind, or what prompted me to select this shot from among the various images from our first shoot. Imagine, me, with no recollection of something. :/

I've added this second image from our second shoot... you may compare and contrast as you like, and submit your essays to me before the end of the term for extra credit.

Anyway, maybe I'll just raid the draft folder and see what else is in there to be unleashed... as long as it's not gone stale. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Brother is watching

Was reminded tonight that it's the 60th anniversary of the publication of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four -- once required reading in American high schools, it relates the story of an individual trying to experience bits of freedom in a totalitarian state, and paying the price. Some call it "science fiction" because at the time it was written, it was set 35 years in the future... it's taken a bit longer, but a huge amount of what Orwell foretold is coming to pass. Most notably, the government's need for "total information awareness" on all citizen activity -- an article published today discusses how the UK government is monitoring and recording ALL internet and telephone activity in the name of combating terrrrism. The US government is likely not far behind, but just isn't admitting it. Orwell had a two-way screen in every home, broadcasting propaganda while monitoring activity within its view. You're probably looking at one such device right now. The protagonist's job in the book is to revise old news stories to fit the current political orthodoxy, or adjust the facts as necessary -- again, this is happening online all the time, with websites constantly revised to reflect the current state of truth. The demise of the printed newspaper will make revisionist history just a few clicks away -- much easier than in the book, where old newspapers were routinely collected, destroyed, and replaced with "corrected" versions.

He also missed by forecasting scarcity of basic consumer products, while the better way of placating the masses is by providing plenty of cheap food and entertainments. (Aldus Huxley's Brave New World got that one right.) Rather, he expected perpetual war whose purpose is not victory, but to consume resources and destroy them, rather than improving anyone's standard of living. We've just decided to do both, while creating massive debts.

As grim and unsettling as the book is to read, I find it simply fascinating. And if you've not read it since you skimmed the Cliff's Notes back in your school days, I'd suggest picking up a copy and reading it, while you still can.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tiny Bubbles...

A shot from a while ago... the tiny bubbles seem appropriate for model Carly Champagne. Somewhat out of the blue, this was chosen for OMP's "Nude Image of the Day" for... tomorrow? Not complaining. I like being ahead of my time once in a while. :)
On closer inspection, looks like this shot of Reveille won from her portfolio a few weeks back...
And I do now recall seeing this winner from Keira's port a while back, too.... Hmm, go figure.