Monday, February 4, 2008

Bonjour readers...

Welcome to readers of France's online photography magazine...

For everyone else, you can check out the feature/interview here, even though it's been translated into French. The Altavista translation back to English is pretty comical, so I think I'll post the original English text of it as a comment to this entry if you'd care to read it. Probably still pretty comical.

Thanks to the models whose photos are featured: Dreamscapes (above), Rose, Sabrina, London Andrews, Zinn Star, Amaya, Plain Jayne Jones, Sativa/Nikki, Penny, Carlotta Champagne, and Engel Schrei. Also, thanks to Dave Levingston for the "in action" photo that is somehow the largest image in the feature, LOL. And thank you François from for inviting me to be a part of your outstanding publication.


Gary M Photo said...

English version of Interview :
- How did you begin shooting erotic photography?

After shooting industrial work and concerts for years, I started doing some portrait work with a couple female friends, which branched into working with models, which led to shooting nudes, and now includes some erotic images from time to time. It was a natural progression for me. With nudes, I truly prefer that the shot is about the model's form and shape and the light and shadow and sometimes the setting, rather than the shot being about her makeup or clothing, neither of which is something I know much about. I also like the idea that nudes are going to be more timeless than fashion.

- Where are you based ?

In the United States -- I live and work in Dayton, Ohio, but also spend time in Toledo, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan. I hope to travel more and do some work in New York, the Rocky Mountains, the deserts of the American Southwest, Los Angeles, and so forth. I also hope to visit Europe and shoot there, possibly next summer.

- What do you prefer : color or black&white photography ?

I usually prefer black & white because it is so basic and direct. Also, when I started out taking photos as a boy, I learned shooting black & white film, processing film and making prints in my father's darkroom, so B&W is sort of my "native language" as a photographer. Even in high school, the school paper and yearbook were B&W, so that's what I shot. It wasn't until college that I even started shooting any color slide film and doing some Cibachrome printing.

Some shots I'll introduce a color tint or tone, but these are usually visualized in B&W first. Of course, some scenes call for color, such as the gallery garden shot, but also if there are nice muted tones, I'll work with those as well. If the model has a particularly nice skin tone, or we're working with colorful jewelry or props, I'll use color as appropriate. Now, I almost always shoot RAW files, so color is always an option, but I set my camera for monochrome mode, since most of the time I'm thinking in B&W.

- What's your favorite part of a woman's body and why?

Personally, I have a weakness for a flat stomach -- I think because two of the first girls I really noticed growing up had flat tummies and wore tops that would show them off. And it just leads you right to the other good parts.

As a photographer, it really depends on the woman -- some models have parts they're known for, such as perfect breasts or long legs, so that will usually get my attention. I also like models who are athletic, and work to accent their muscles and definition -- I also find they usually are very good at posing, too. But every woman, even the most perfect models, will have some part or area they dislike, so sometimes my challenge to myself is to get a beautiful shot of that part.

- What is your photographic material/cameras ?

I use mainly Canon gear, the 40D with a Rebel XTi as my backup, with a few nice lenses, as well as the Lensbaby II. I've recently started using the Manfrotto Neotec 458B tripod, which is so easy to adjust that I don't mind using it. Other tripods are too limiting for most of my shooting situations.

- What's your relationship like with your models?

I try to be myself, and keep things fun and casual, while still being professional and considerate of their comfort. Once rapport and trust is established, it lets us both concentrate on the ideas and poses. Some models I've become good friends with, chat with them regularly, and have shot with them numerous times. That has been the most rewarding part of my time as a photographer. I generally prefer to work one-on-one with the model because other people generally are a distraction to the model or to me, or both.

- How much planning do you do before a shoot?

Usually, I'll have a few general ideas, perhaps a couple of specific props or wardrobe items, or a location in mind, but for the most part, I like to improvise and be spontaneous. Ideas can come from anything, such as an item of clothing they bring, or the model's mood, or finding an unlocked door, or even the weather. Sometimes I'll shoot an idea that's been carefully planned, but those usually don't turn out as well as just being in the moment, seeing the possibilities and responding to them.

- Has your erotic work been collected in any books,
DVDs or CDs?

I have one book out, "Dark Light" ( ) that I have self-published featuring about 75 of my images. My work has been featured on some websites, and in a few exhibitions and publications. (NOTE: this interview predates the Erotic Signature book announcement)

- What's next for you? projects ?

I'm planning to put out a second book project in
early 2008, with possibly another later in the year. My main project for 2008 is to get my work out for people to enjoy. I have submitted work to a number of contests and exhibits, and I plan to submit work to more online and print publications. For people who like my work, visiting my blog ( ) is really the best way to keep up with me and any new developments, as well as see my latest images.

LynzM said...

Great interview, dude :) I read it in the French before I realized you'd posted it here, nice to be forced to realize that my French is still passable, lol. I feel so privileged to have worked with you, and am hoping to be able to do so again... any chance that Munich will be on your list of stops next summer?

Gary M Photo said...

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d.l. wood said...

A quick scan of the site and I think you make a great addition to some very talented photographers.

I also like the way you can click on a picture and it enlarges without going to another page or window first.

D.L. Wood
February 5, 2008 8:46:00 AM EST

tlneasley said...
Congrats Gary. That was a good read in the interview. I agree with Mr. Wood in that I like how the images kind of blow up and then fall back into place.
February 5, 2008 11:16:00 AM EST