Friday, March 28, 2008

The Real World

Megan is another of my "real world" models, the sister-in-law of Lynz, a woman I shot last year who was a "real world" friend of mine. Both proved to be wonderful subjects during their first "real" nude shoots, and I'd be pleased and honored to work with them again. Actually, looks like I may have a chance to work with Lynz again in May. :)

Just a reminder, here's Lynz and her hubby John from our shoot last year... I don't know that I've ever met a couple that was more made for each other than they are.


LynzM said...

Egads! Naked pictures of me on the internets! Hahaha... loved the pics from your shoot with Meg and can't wait to work with you again! :D

D.L. Wood said...

Megan is lovely. Look forward to seeing more.

D.L. wood

xxlovelyxrealxx said...

these are so gorgeous... i'm pretty much in love with them. yup.