Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I got a new drug

Went to the doctor today, a different one than my usual, and she hooked me up with some antibiotics to fight back against whatever is kicking my ass, or more accurately, my chest. After a coughing jag, I feel a little like (beep) when she gets a shotgun load of rock salt in her chest in Kill Bill, Part 2. The "fire hydrants" of blood in Part 1 had me scoffing a bit, but it seemed like the story actually kicked in for Part 2. (She should have grabbed the other sword and the million bucks though.) Yes, I'd not seen them all the way through until this week. Sue me.

Turns out four more of my shots of Athena have showcased on OMP, alas unlinked. I wasn't really seeking them out, but stumbled onto them, with help from Tia the showcase machine since reactivating her OMP a week or so back. Models, please do try to link back to me when you post images, and if I fail to correctly link to you, please let me know straight away, OK?

Feels a bit overdue for the "what do showcases mean" discussion... it's been months. I guess they mean whatever they mean, and even if they're meaningless, why not claim them?


Ron said...

Well, I hope the drugs work and you are back in action soon.

Zombie Edward said...

I've never seen either Kill Bill.

My plague has run away thanks to children's cold meds.