Thursday, July 1, 2010

Carrie Leigh Nude on newsstands now

Well, the Spring issue of Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine finally turned up at my local Barnes & Noble store, although mail order copies have not yet arrived. For what it's worth, I've discussed the availability problems with the good folks at CLN, and while they've been fighting against complications from earthquakes and the BP Oil Disaster, they're keenly aware of the distribution problems and are taking steps to prevent the problem from occurring with the next issue.

Thanks to models Spilt Sugar, Ana Tevka, and Xaina whose photos the editors chose to include in the feature. Also, thanks to Beebs, whose shots were not chosen, but who was every bit as intrepid facing Detroit decay and freezing temperatures.

You can still order online for $13.95 postpaid and I'm assured you'll get yours soon. It's generally available at Barnes & Noble stores, either with the art, photography or gentlemen's magazines, and while it's out here, it may not be everywhere just yet.