Thursday, July 24, 2008


Have decided to try to get better use of my Flickr account and do a bit of a "pilot program" where every weekday, I'll upload 5 semi-random photos for everyone's perusal. Maybe all from the same shoot, or all different shoots, or whatever. So, if you're looking for new images from me, you can check me there. Please comment on the pictures there... it will help convince me that it's a worthwhile effort.

By the way, I'm not sure how the little "Images from my Flickr" gadget in the right-hand column chooses images... seems to be no logic to it that I understand, but they don't seem to randomize, either. Any clues anyone?

Here's Sadie... you'll have to look at Flickr to see if I posted more of her there or not.


Orixx said...

Well it's about damn time :P. Nice to see you uploading stuff and joining the flickr party.

Zombie Edward said...

I added you as a contact. :)