Monday, July 28, 2008

Help me find my proper place...

Not sure why I like to have models strike "the Jesus pose" every so often when shooting. Maybe it's my persecution complex manifesting. Usually it's when a setting is somehow evocative of the pose in my mind. (There's a perfect setting near my house, but it's at a VERY busy intersection that's pretty poorly lit, so I'm not sure how I'll tackle it, but someday...) Found an interesting site, Female Christ in Arts, so I guess I'm not alone in this predilection. I don't really mean to be blasphemous, although that's not something I tend to shy away from either. It is just a dramatic pose that often works for me, and the suggested symbolism is there for the viewer to interpret.

When shooting a standing model in this pose, I may have them hold it for a couple minutes, after which they report that they had a little trouble breathing in that position. Guess that's not surprising... sometimes my models suffer a bit for my art.

My Jesus figures, from top to bottom, are Tiana, Kiki, and Karla. May God have mercy on their souls.


Alan Klem said...

Crucifixion was used by the romans as a means of slow death. With the arms stretched out in that manner, fluid accumulates in the lungs, effectively causing the victim to drown. The block under the feet was there so the victim could push up in an effort to breathe.

If they wanted the guy to die faster, they'd break his legs so he would drown quicker in his own body.

(morbid facts for ya)

It doesn't take that long for it to begin either. So even a few minutes can cause discomfort.

(This was one of the lessons I learned in it might be horribly wrong)

Zombie Edward said...

I remember having to do the Jesus pose that Easter we played downtown.