Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie Leigh at last

Finally saw a printed copy of the Spring 2009 Carrie Leigh Nude magazine with my feature in it, and it's a nice feeling indeed. They used four shots (one a 2-page spread) and wrote up a little profile paragraph. Congrats to the models in the issue, Jessica, Xaina and Katy T, for being chosen, and thanks to all the models from the past 3+ years for helping me progress and grow as a photographer.

Online sale of individual copies has ended, so to get the current issue by mail you can subscribe, or you can visit your local Borders, Barnes & Noble, Hastings, or other big box newsstand to see if they have copies for sale. I'll probably do that later myself...

Congratulations to my friends and acquaintances featured in the issue: Tia, Tom Lane, |ris/Becky, Chip Willis, Carlotta Champagne, David LeBeck, Betcee May, Antoine de Villiers, and Lloyd Rosen, as well as the other models and photographers.

P.S. Just found a number of copies at my local Barnes & Noble, so B&N and Borders would probably be the first places to look if you wanna copy.