Monday, May 11, 2009


Found this little note in my bag when I got home from the Arizona trip I wrote about but failed to post, in case you were wondering where I'd been for the past week or so. Tia got one on the flight out there, and I got this one on the flight home. I guess the good news is that I bought one of those special TSA padlocks -- supposedly they can open it while the "throwers" may be slightly deterred. Turns out it works, so that's good. Not sure why they picked me -- maybe my tripod looked suspicious under the x-ray... or perhaps they just love the smell of a week's worth of dirty desert laundry. But I know I feel much safer now. Or something. (Found out that Tia also got one on her hop from El Paso to Santa Fe... maybe they like sniffing her laundry, too.)

In other news, apparently the folks at have pulled the plug on their "monthly" photo contest... photos were entered along the lines of various themes they proposed. Used to be a monthly contest, then they'd let 'em run for two months, then three... finally, they just pulled links to the contest from the site, so apparently they won't ever judge the "Sexiest photo of someone with breakfast cereal" contest, or the "Sexiest photo of someone doing yoga" theme. If it's not generating visitors or memberships or whatever, I can see pulling the contest, but I don't really abide them not awarding prizes for the last couple of contests. (I've managed to win 3 times before, if I recall correctly.) Here are my entries for the yoga thing... Mandy, Engel and Spilt Sugar, getting their OM on.