Thursday, March 18, 2010

Up or down vote...

If you're as burned out as I am on the whole "Health Care Reform" business (or even if you're not), here's a chance to make YOUR vote count. The Erotic Review "Reader's Prize" voting for 2010 is currently underway, so why not pay a visit to the site and score some of the images there. Click the link in the middle of the page to launch a slide show, then to vote, just press a number between 1 and 9 on your keyboard (9 being best), and in a few seconds the next image will automagically load. Not to bias your thinking, I won't tell you which ones are mine, or which belong to friends of mine -- just check them out, and vote high for the ones you like. Website says voting ends March 31.

I was fortunate enough to win this prize last year, and it would be great to finish in the money again this year. I'd love to finish in the top 5 among the Judge's Prize voting this year, so cross your fingers, please.

And as the Bartles & Jaymes guys used to say, "Thank you for your support."