Friday, May 30, 2008


Well, word is that the car I wrecked in NYC has been totaled, so it's a goner. Do have a loaner from my generous mechanic here in town while I figure out what to do next. Think I'll have to go shopping this weekend and next week, but not much I hate more than car shopping just because of the uncertainty of it. Well, actually, the certainty that whatever I buy will have some sort of major malfunction that will end up costing additional hundreds or thousands of dollars. Most of the cars I've bought in my life have worked out that way, even if I have a mechanic check them out in advance.

Maybe the answer is to buy a total piece of crap for cash, KNOWING it will require money to keep it running, and consider the repair bill as the "car payment." I wonder if the beat up old Impala that Rhia is reclining on here is available?

P.S. One good thing I've found about having people who dislike you is that you can count on them to be your most faithful blog readers.


Orixx said...

I figured that car was gone for good. Sucks.

Lin said...

Sorry to hear about your car but thanks for that video link Gary. It was pretty darn good.