Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Leaving for New York City in the morning, and looking forward to the trip with some mixed feelings. I have some very promising shoots lined up for the weekend, and hopefully a little time to just relax, maybe see a few things around the city. Had been hoping to see X at the Fillmore Plaza, but it sold out behind my back. (Anyone with an extra ticket, please let me know.)

Took an odd approach to booking shoots this time... rather than try to pin down models weeks and months in advance, only to have them cancel a few days ahead of time or just not show up (as happened in Chicago), I figured I'd try scheduling closer to the time I'd actually be in NYC. A model will likely know for certain what her schedule is a few days in advance, how she's feeling, etc. So far, it seems to be working OK.

The pessimist in me tends to focus on the uncertain, dangerous, and expensive aspects of NYC... for instance, I'd made reservations at the Carlton Arms Hotel, but evidently they expected me to "reconfirm" a couple weeks ago, and when I didn't, they gave my room away. So, rather than staying in Manhattan, we'll be in Brooklyn. Hope it's safer than London, Ohio, at least. It's just that everyone always warns you about stuff when you go to New York, not "oh, be sure to go see this inspirational thing or visit this great place or try this amazing restaurant."

Orixx is shooting with a number of top-notch photographers whose work I've admired... too bad she won't let me tag along on any of the shoots. Oh well... guess that's the price I pay for not being a highly sought model. Well, wish us luck!

(P.S. This is Rhia in Dayton...)


unbearable lightness said...

The photo of the model on top of the car is fascinating and, yes, HOT!

You know, as a model I've had the same experience. Book too early and sometimes photographers develop amnesia when it comes time for the shoot. I guess it works both ways. I like your idea of not booking way out in advance.

Have a great time in the Big Apple!!!