Saturday, August 16, 2008


Reading Black Postcards by Dean Wareham, singer/songwriter/guitarist for the bands Galaxie 500 and Luna. He's just about 1 month younger than me, so it's interesting to read his memoir of growing up when I did, and the music scene as he recalls it. He even includes his memory of lying on his stomach in his living room, listening to the radio on headphones and singing along, which I vividly remember doing myself. When I was young, WING was the Top 40 station, and the ONLY radio station in the world, as far as I was concerned. At one point I recall wondering if all these bands weren't hanging around the WING studios and performing the songs live, one after the other, which is how it looked on TV shows. Didn't occur to me at that moment that they were playing records.

I'd just aimlessly picked up the book at the library, but have found it fascinating reading, so if you're of that certain age and music scene, I'd suggest picking it up yourself. It's also prompted me to revisit my Galaxie 500 and Luna records, and I've had part of the song "Slide" in my head for a couple weeks now... enjoy.

But you know, hidden thoughts
Poison life, poison life.
But you know, hidden feelings
You steal from yourself.

-- Luna "Slide"