Saturday, August 9, 2008

A little behind... and a fabulous new car!

CuCu Ca Choo... Here's Sarah and Cole again, looking lovely as always.

Just got back from purchasing a "new" car to replace the one that replaced the other one. It's a black Honda Accord about 6 years old, with a ton of miles but it rides like new, and apart from a few minor blemishes, it looks like new, too. Has almost all of the bells and whistles, although I'm hard pressed to figure out how I'll get by without heated mirrors. The salesman did a good job of appearing sincere and helpful and seemed to have a good streak of "screw the man" in him. The price painted on the windshield was quite a bit less than the one on the tag in the window, which he said is because the car had been on the lot a while, and they were going to sell it this weekend, or send it off for auction. Makes me wonder a bit about why it hadn't sold, but I'm guessing the high-ish miles (120K) gave some people second thoughts. So, got it for about 60% of what I was prepared to pay for a new Fit, and it feels like a more substantial car. In some ways, it's really similar to the one I drove for years, but I guess it's hard to improve on perfection. Honda knows how to do it right.

Gotta get new plates, so have to decide if I want my old vanity plate back, a generic plate, or some clever new vanity plate. It's tempting to get something photographic, but that just seems like advertising to thieves that there may be pricey camera gear in the trunk. Guess I'll see what's simplest once I get to the DMV... wonder if they'd actually let me have ARTNUDE? Or is that a little too much like getting a plate that says FREECAN D?


Saintz said...

How about ARTNOOD ?

Orixx said...

Congrats, Gary. Black cars are the best cars.. and Hondas are so reliable. Maybe Nikki kind of did you a favor in helping you get rid of that retched old gold car? ;) Yay for new cars & sweet deals!

Zombie Edward said...

Your new car is pretty awesome. I liked our short little drive to get it away from the hoodrats.