Friday, August 15, 2008

Time Capsule

Writing this Wednesday, but playing with Blogger's option to "postdate" or schedule a post for a specific time in the future since I may not be able to post this weekend. Sneaky, eh? Funny, you can also backdate posts, just by changing the numbers. Seems to kind of defeat the purpose of a blog as a real time journal or "web log" from which the name is derived... be nice if you could do it in real life.

Anyway, I chose this image because I'm still considering if the idea of an erotic blog or specific erotic MM portfolio would be a good idea, make it easier to communicate with models regarding that kind of project without "scaring away" those who would not be open to it.

Any thoughts kind readers? Anyone actually reading? "Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?"


Rebecca Lawrence said...

If a nude models says she doesn't shoot erotic or fetish work in her portfolio, I think it is wrong to contact her with this work in mind. Unless you've already worked together and shared thoughts on the subject.

I don't see it as something that would scare models away if the bulk of what you do is something that would appeal to them. But if it becomes the overwhelming majority, then you've opened a new can of worms.

Thom said...

Gary, I've been following your blog daily for the past couple of years. I tend not to comment a lot but I want you to know you have at least have one loyal reader. I also enjoy your Flicker postings.

Your new project looks very interesting. Keep blogging and posting!!

Lin said...

We haven't had any problems with the occasional explicit shots on our blog. It doesn't put models off. If they don't shoot to that level, they just say so, but they're still keen to shoot with Rich regardless. We have a good reputation and I find that most models have "seen it all before" anyway. If you market whatever you do as "art" most models are surprisingly receptive.

unbearable lightness said...

I like the idea of an erotic blog. I'd love to see some polar bears, too. Everything you do is artistic and stunning.

I know how you feel about comments. People need to understand how much time and creativity it takes to maintain a blog, and if there's no response, it's hard to justify the effort.