Thursday, February 19, 2009


That's the number of visitors who have clicked through to this blog from my OneModelPlace portfolio, according to their counter. Seems a little on the low side, considering, but then again it's buried in with a bunch of other clutter on that page, so I'm sure most people don't even see it. I generally only notice things like that when they're round numbers. Guess it's a remnant from my old baseball card collecting days, when the best players' cards would be numbered 100, 200, 350, etc. Or just the society's general numerology fetish... anyway...

Sorry to have been so absent here, but things have just been scattered and smothered around here, with work concerns, increased shooting activity, Dirty Show travel, personal matters and of course, politics and death. I used to try to sort some of these distractions out here, but that doesn't seem wise anymore, so I just carry them around in my head, where they carom around like the inside of a pachinko machine. The upside is that my editing backlog is getting close to reasonable, so I'll be picking up the camera a bit more as the weather improves.

The shot above is Whitney, who was kind enough to pose for me back in August of last year. And when I got to her turn in the editing process, her shots were nowhere to be found. Not on hard drives, or back-ups of hard drives, not on DVD, not on memory cards, no place. Poof! All I could do was apologize and tell her that I would keep searching. I couldn't imagine that I'd erased them, but could NOT find them. To her credit, she was very kind about it.

Fast forward to the first week of this month, preparing for a group shoot on the 6th and 7th. I knew I might shoot a lot and need to offload images from memory cards onto a hard drive or something, so I looked at my PhotoSafe gadget to see if it had space on it. It was almost full, so I went through and checked what was there, and sure enough, among a variety of safety copies of other stuff were the files from the shoot with Whitney. I immediately copied them off to a hard drive and backed-up to DVD. This week I found time to edit the shots, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

So, another "rescued photos" story for you... As my memory gets worse, I can sort of imagine this blog being something of a catalog of my descent into full-on dementia.