Monday, February 9, 2009

Erotic Review "Reader's Choice" Voting

I entered about a dozen images into the Erotic Review contest this year, with the judges prizes to be announced this weekend (I think) March 16, but they're also doing their "Reader's Choice" voting again. So if you want to express yourselves by scoring a few (or a whole lot) of erotic images, create a free membership (basically an e-mail verification), and then visit their voting page. It's very simple to score the images on a 1-9 scale (just hit the number on your keyboard) so you can zip through the good (and the bad) and make a difference. I was 2nd runner-up in last year's voting, so hopefully I can improve on that this year. I'm very pleased with the selection of images I submitted, including this one of Aveda Marie. There are no watermarks or other identification on the images, so just vote for what you like best.

Last year's contest book is also available through the site. It's about the size of a TV guide, so not a coffee table volume, but actually a nice size and well printed. Check it out.


bt said...

I'm rooting for ya Gary.

Great seeing you this weekend...both friday (If I saw you then)..and Saturday.