Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lux Means Bux, Remember the Name

Well, more death in my little blog here... Lux Interior passed away yesterday at age 62-ish. Lux was the lead singer of The Cramps, a punk band that managed to combine goth, gore, punk, pop, and rockabilly, all slathered in sexual deviance. Sure it was a schtick, a novelty, but they did seriously rock. Lux was something like Iggy Pop in stiletto heels, with each show some sort of mission to destroy himself while never missing a beat. I once saw him nearly beat the hell out of some fan or reporter in the back alley behind the Newport Music Hall, shouting "No means NO!" That's Lux, second from the right, looking uncharacteristically innocent on the cover of their debut album, Songs the Lord Taught Us -- the title being a corruption of an old Everly Brothers album. Here's one of their "hit" singles... goodbye Lux.


Tia said...

I told you this was a death & politics blog.. *sigh*