Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Started this entry over a week ago, and only got the title and the photo in, and I only dimly recall that someone described one of my shots as "wounderful." Now, I don't think that's the British spelling with the extra "u" in there, but I kind of like the word.

"Wounderful" sort of describes how things have been going lately... on the one hand, many things are going great, and I'm doing my best to enjoy the experiences. On the other hand, I still feel kind of "wounded" for various reasons, which tends to temper the enjoyment somewhat. So, "wounderful" seems to fit me right now.

Sorry to have been absent so long from the blog. You may hear more from me the next few days, or I may lapse into silence again. Hard to tell... very busy!

Thank you for all the congratulations on the Carrie Leigh Nude news, and thanks also to Dr. Lightness and the folks at Univers d'Artistes for a nice profile piece the other day, since buried under an avalanche of amazing work. The link should take you right there though.

Oh, and don't miss the MWSEP art show next weekend in Detroit. "The Seduction of Art." Click the banner link at right for more details!

More soon. That's Tantila, striking the pose that's kind of hard for a guy of my build to demonstrate.