Thursday, April 30, 2009

"You load 16 megs, and whaddaya get..."

Going through some stuff the other day, I stumbled onto the Kodak memory card at left. It came with the Kodak DC4800, the first digital camera I purchased, and holds a whopping 16MB of image data. Of course, it was too small even then -- it would hold 1 uncompressed 3.1mp image, or 16 standard compressed images, or 48 images at .08mp -- but Kodak felt it was sufficient to ship with the camera.

At right is a 16GB card that I recently purchased... that's 1000 times as much data in the same space, for probably not a whole lot more money. Now, I know that's not news -- "computer memory getting more compact and cheaper" -- but it just struck me funny to see such a concrete example. But that's not what you're here to read...

In real world news, model Minxy D gave birth to a beautiful daughter this week. Congratulations Dani! We were supposed to do a photo session to document her pregnancy, but sadly, schedules never worked out... Here's a shot from our session somewhat more than 9 months ago. :)