Tuesday, June 16, 2009


In yet another instance of life imitating art, a number of years after Mr. Show parodied a NASA mission to blow up the moon because "we have the technology and science demands it" comes the news of a NASA mission to fire a rocket into the moon and blow up a chunk to create a six-mile dust cloud, ostensibly in search of ice or water. I'd echo the monkey's question of "why?" and the protestor's sentiment that there are things right here on earth we need to blow up first.

Not sure why I picked this particular shot of Danaid to put here, but I get a kick out of it. She's always a blast to work with.

Got word from Vato that he'd received his subscription copy of Erotic Review with my feature in it, and that the printing and all looks good. They're sending me a few copies, but just shipped today, so I might not have them until July sometime. The magazine is also "putting to bed" their book of the contest, and it looks like I'll have 6 or 7 pages in that as well, so I'm guessing that should be available in a month or so. The 2008 book is still available, with 4 of my shots in it.

Think I have the Chicago trip pretty well figured out. Looks like I'll be working with 9 models over 5 days, and attending a show of one of my old-school favorite bands, X, at the Double Door. Should be an excellent weekend... so, until I return back to the bloggin' seat, I'll leave you with another shot of Danaid.


MarQe said...

Awaiting the cane , perhaps ?