Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feeling drafty...

Just noticed that I have 99 blog posts that are stuck in the limbo of "draft" mode. These are generally just a picture, or maybe a few lines, intended to be expanded and expounded upon at greater length, but some urgency or other distracted me from finishing the job. This shot of Galetea has been languishing in the draft folder for almost a year, and I have no recollection as to what cogent commentary I once had in mind, or what prompted me to select this shot from among the various images from our first shoot. Imagine, me, with no recollection of something. :/

I've added this second image from our second shoot... you may compare and contrast as you like, and submit your essays to me before the end of the term for extra credit.

Anyway, maybe I'll just raid the draft folder and see what else is in there to be unleashed... as long as it's not gone stale. Stay tuned.


cornel said...

great work !I love your pictures and your stream