Sunday, April 27, 2008


Had a whirlwind 3-days of shooting, and managed to set aside the concerns of editing and enjoy working with some exciting new models (well, new to ME) as well as several returning favorites. Nothing to show just yet, but I'm considering something mildly radical in the editing process, so possibly before too long.

Thanks to everyone who made the weekend possible and fun... almost too many to name: Orixx, Spilt Sugar, Suzi, PXE, Minxy D, Nihilus, Lovely Real, Dreamscapes, IXI, Naughtya, Mary, Adrianna, Sage, Kitten, Missy Vinyl, Erin, Deb & Bill, Boyd, JJ, Matt & Krissy, Eric, DVS, Andi, Jesslyn, Xania, Foxy Tigress, and everyone else I got to work with or chat with.

Here's Dreamscapes again from March... I attempted to recreate one of the early Marilyn Monroe nudes from my Swiss-cheese memory, and got it about 30% right, but I'd still say she looks great here. Since I was a ways off remembering the pose, I changed the angle to vertical... perhaps another try soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Might I suggest a slight change to the angle of your lighting? It's a great shot, but by the time the light gets to her hair, it's too dark and details are lost in the shadows.

I think that with that fabric, you could use a softbox almost on the floor in front of her (upper right corner of the shot) as a main and maybe a spotlight fill to lighten the shadows and maybe produce a halo of light around her, it might be more successful.

But who am I to give you lighting advice?

-Photoguy42 (Alan)

unbearable lightness said...

I am loving what you did with the MM pose. It's good you didn't remember it and exactly duplicate it because what you did seems a hybrid of you and the calendar shot. I am a great fan of it, too, and MM.

handygirl said...

These are very pretty Gary. Also thanks for offering to clean off the chair with your pants. I remember small gestures like that.