Monday, April 14, 2008

Shut up and play yer guitar...

Once again, I'm a bit chagrined by lack of comments on this here blog, but I also realize I've been posting a lot of "hey, I'm really busy, here are a couple pictures for now" kinds of entries. Nobody's complaining, but in some senses, getting complaints would be better than silence. So, what to do?

I've posted a little poll thing at the top of the right column where you can tell me what you think. The response will sort of let me know who's visiting, who's actually reading, and who can be bothered to provide some feedback. Or feel free to post a comment on this entry, as always.

I do have a lot on my mind, but it seems I'm far more likely to piss someone off than to inform, inspire or entertain. And not to sound paranoid, but I know that at least a couple of my most faithful readers are simply monitoring to ensure that if I post something they have a problem with, they won't miss a good chance to feel offended. (Indignation can be SO addictive.) But I know I shouldn't censor myself for these people and give them that kind of power over me.

So what about the rest of you? You stop by here now and again... what are you hoping to see/read? I know one reader who thinks my political rants are kind of hot, so there's a vote there. Here's me being democratic and letting you have a voice... let me hear it!

Here's another crowd favorite, Zinn Star. She certainly gets my vote.


D.L. Wood said...

"Shut up and play yer guitar" must be what you've been doing.

We are tired, damn tired of checking in here and finding the same old post time after time. Then when there is a new post all you get is "I've been so busy, here's Miss Perky Butt, I shot this two years ago. Enjoy."

Enjoy? If your so darn busy where's the pictures? Hell if we just wanted to look at yer Miss Perky, We'd go to one of those sites that just go out and scavenge photos and repost them. "I'm busy", "I have alot on my mind". Don't you think we're busy? That we have a lot on our mind? Yet we take the time to visit and comment. You want comments? How do ya comment if there's nothing to comment about - I guess every time we could go - Oh we're so glad your busy. "I might piss someone off" Damn at least it would be something new.

Well how I do for a complaint. It's not really my comment. But a try at a humorous take on your post. Feel free to edit it off my comment.

First let me say I really like your photography. I visit quite often.

What I would like is a little of every thing, a little of all the first five things on your list. I guess as a voyeur of life. I want a peek at your life as you care to reveal it here on your blog. I want to see your ups and downs. What makes you happy and sad. What excites you and what pisses you off. Yes I want to be inspired, informed and entertained, but I want it with your insight, your slant. I know you are busy. I know that you have a life other than this blog. But also, you did start this blog, so you must want to be here, to express your opinions and share your art. We appreciate your effort or we wouldn’t come back to see what you’ve posted.

Some specifics on what I would like. I would like more of a post than….
Just a random image on a Sunday afternoon...
A couple dreamy photos of Miss Dreamscapes ...more from her soon.
Just a different perspective this afternoon...

You don't have to write a book every day but a little more would be nice for me.

I would like some insight to your shoots. Sometimes take us along with you. How you lit it? It was natural light, strobe, a combo, first time you used a new reflector, the reflector fell in the water and floated away. How the shoot was, easy, hard, fun, trying. The model was a treat, new, experienced, was difficult, whined all day, was really creative, I had to tell her every move. she had web feet like a duck, I really like this particular lens because… I (we) came up with the theme of this shoot because…..I like, don’t like to shoot this way. Something along the lines of Orixx telling about going to a Thai place and seeing the chop sticks, getting an idea, discussing the idea and bring them back to use in a shoot and getting great images.

I would like to hear your thoughts about what ever interest you. It doesn’t always have to be naked chicks or photography. I want to see a rant once in a while. I want to get to know you. I would like you to comment on our comments. I like, I prefer seeing interaction with the blog owner. Sometimes I’d like to see conversations take place between you and those who place comments.

Well that’s my thoughts, I hope it helps.

D.L. Wood

Anonymous said...

^^^What he said ;)

I enjoy seeing your work and you have a very specific 'Gary M' style, but it's always nice when there are words to go with pictures. Maybe if you post less often to gather a story together might help.

Without so much of a hint of a pun, a photograph is naked without a story.

Peter B

unbearable lightness said...

Damn, D.L., why'd you back off on that great bitch slapping comment? I was enjoying it, whether I agreed with it or not. I love to hear people who are pissed off.

This is your problem, Gary. Your work is so very good. We're all your fans, Gary. We don't come here to rip on you. Maybe you should have D.L. write a guest post and piss people off.

Orixx said...

I'm laughing so hard at D.L.'s comment that I'm going to wake up the people I'm staying with.. I'm supposed to be asleep right now myself, but.. had to check your blog for more beautiful photos.

It is totally hot when you talk politics ;).

I've always wanted your blog to be more personal, but you are a really private person.. I'm not really expecting to read a diary entry about your deepest, darkest secrets, but your opinions on different things would be entertaining.

And if you piss someone off.. that would be their problem. You are not an offensive person. You shouldn't revolve your life or your blog around the overly sensitive people in this world. What should go in this blog? Whatever you feel like saying at the moment. It's YOUR blog, after all. Like your photography, it should just be a way for you to express yourself, not please other people :).