Thursday, April 3, 2008

KC disappears...

Well, KC hasn't quite disappeared... I still hear a word from her in NYC now and again, but evidently she's let her premium OMP modeling portfolio lapse, so this image of mine (from about 2 years ago) has dropped off her portfolio. Consequently my "not important but still gratifying" count of model showcases drops to 48 after briefly hitting a high of 50. Oh well... guess that means I need to get busy editing an sending pictures out to models, although it seems fewer and fewer models I shoot seem to have OMP portfolios, favoring ModelMayhem, partly because members get 20 images for free, rather than 5, and it's possible for other members to leave public comments on individual images or "tags" on entire portfolios. ModelMayhem does have more of a "MySpace" feel to it rather than the more businesslike vibe of OMP, and that seems to appeal to younger folks as well. (Sometimes I have to remind myself that most of the models I work with are college age, more or less.) No grand observations here, other than to say if ModelMayhem can keep its servers operating properly more than 80% of the time, they may very well overtake OMP as the place for photographers and models to network.

Thanks KC for some great shoots... hope we can go again one of these days!