Monday, April 28, 2008

Letters never sent...

It's funny, for every blog post that actually appears here, I probably start 3 or 4 others that just languish as drafts. I guess that's a sign of frustration with expressing myself about various aspects of my work and life. Seems like my opinions are always flat out wrong and I'm expected to vigorously defend them, so it's just a lot simpler to keep my mouth shut when I can remember to do so. Others don't seem as encumbered by this and can just spout off about anything that pisses them off or irritates them, or even pleases or excites them, but I guess I'm not cut out that way or something.

Maybe I could try some non-controversial opinions, if there are such things anymore...

Cake tastes good.
Puppies are cute.
Casey looks good in red.

Let the flamewar begin.


jacks said...

incredibly beautiful shot, gary!!! im in love with it.

(oh, and i too, suffer from the urge to censor my original thoughts, especially when writing. think it just proves we are thoughtful and care what others think. its not always such a bad thing.)

; )

Lin said...

Cake is indeed very tasty, as is
Casey in red.

More puppy photos please.

Anonymous said...

My sense is that what we call "false starts" are an integral part of any successful process of self-expression. Just because they don't reach some set idea we have of what they were supposed to me does not make them inauthentic or worthless. They just happen not to fall into the category we were working on at the moment.