Friday, October 23, 2009

On the set

This is a shot from two Junes ago of Trishy, shortly before her "retirement" from modeling. It was excellent getting to work with her, but I thought I'd post this shot partly because it occurred to me that, although it looks like any old run-down house with peeling wallpaper, it was actually part of a movie location set in the Antelope Valley. I think that Jennifer Lopez movie "U-Turn" was shot, in part, at this location, as well as various others.

Compare the shot of Trishy with this shot of Xaina, from an actual abandoned hotel in Detroit. Shooting at the set had something of an advantage in that the building was actually somewhat structurally sound, and was certainly easier to get around. But there was a lot more variety in Detroit, along with a lot more broken glass. To her credit, for Xaina, the grungier a location is, the better.

Thanks to both models for their dedication!