Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daylight Savings... DOH!

Made the mistake of trusting my calendar printed last year to tell me when Daylight Savings Time ends, so I counted on "falling back" an hour this morning... guess I got some bonus sleep, but a little less accomplished. Next weekend for sure!

Doing a road trip to Chicago this week, but as usual when traveling, I'm having trouble finding locations, especially "nude friendly" ones. With highs in the 40s, it's a bit much to ask models to do outdoor nudes as I'm sure most women would object to having their nipples freeze off entirely. Any Chicago readers out there able to help a blogger out?

Widespread reports of vote switching on touchscreens, with voters touching the Obama button and McCain's name lighting up. To my knowledge, NO reports of it happening the other way around. Ever. Another reason to vote early, especially in Ohio. Or if you live in Springfield, USA:

I know I'd posted this a while back, but the video was pulled from YouTube, so here it is again.

The photo is Valentine from warmer, sunnier times in the California high desert.