Thursday, October 9, 2008

too small!

I keep seeing ads and special deals on these SD Micro cards, shown here (more or less actual size) with an SD adapter that brings it up to about the size of a postage stamp. The micro cards are mainly for use in camera phones at the moment, but my Rebel Xti uses the "full size" SD cards, which are still so small that I'm paranoid about losing one or leaving it in a pocket and it going through the wash. If Canon or someone decided to adopt the SD Micros for a camera, I'd have to seriously think about a way to manage them!

It's also crazy how you can get 2GB cards this size for under $8. By crackies, I remember the days of paying many hundreds of dollars to get 256MB of RAM into a computer... well I remember further back than that even, like when nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em, but for some reason, these SD Micro cards just boggle my mind.

Up top is PXE, who isn't too small... she's "fun size."


jacks said...

love the photo!!

Zombie Edward said...

I require a camera that uses SD as that's what my first camera had and the two after also had SDs. I was excited when I got my 4G for under thirty bucks last year. I treats me well. I don't lose them because I keep them in a tiny card case thingy that is also big enough for my camera's extra battery. Woo!

I do need a micro one if I ever want to take pictures with my new phone though