Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rocked the Vote!

Voted today. Yes, today... Sunday. Went down to the board of elections for the much touted early voting. Essentially, it was filling in an absentee ballot and giving it to them, but it does feel good to have it in the box. They said the early votes would be thrown away counted first thing on Election Day, which is vaguely reassuring. Also got to vote against two of the biggest local turd sandwiches... I do hope they lose big this time.

By the way, Monday is the last day to REGISTER in Ohio, but early voting continues until November 3. Click the big blue graphic at the top of the right column for more information.

So, does this mean my TV and computer will stop harassing me about the election? Does it mean I'll shut up about it here? We'll have to wait and see. Then there's this startling report, enough to take the wind out of any wonk's sails.

Here's Missy, feeling the pinch.