Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ohio, shame of the nation

I'll admit I've been following political news too much lately, but it's getting so alarmingly ugly, I just can't turn away. And it seems every time something really offensive, or idiotic, or hateful or racist is reported, the dateline is always somewhere in Ohio. Everything from Joe the Plumber to Obama being hung in effigy by an admitted racist to some of the most idiotic and frightening people interviewed at a Palin rally... Ohio, Ohio, Ohio. Not to mention the Ohio GOP's last-minute court wrangling to try to disqualify tens of thousands of newly registered voters due to hysteria drummed up by the media over ACORN. Nobody bothers to get the facts, they just hear some wild-ass report and take it as gospel.

Then there were the idiots who spotted a suspicious variation on the US flag at an Ohio rally, where Obama had devilishly re-arranged the flag elements around his "O" seal, indicating Obama's intention to become a "potentate" and planning to create "an African count(r)y within the US."

The insidious flag in question? You guessed it. The state flag of Ohio.

So, on behalf of the handful of reasonable people who live in this state, I apologize for Ohio being the epicenter of so many shameful events and idiotic attitudes. Obama does have a strong chance of winning Ohio, if the people are allowed to vote.

The image is Siddella, who hails from the relatively civilized state of Michigan. Lucky her.


Kiqe said...

Unfortunately Ohio is not the only state with their share of individuals who choose means to express themselves
other than rational and peaceful.

JenJen said...

Strange days indeed. Today, Obama canvassers hit our neighborhood, and my sweet, dear, elderly neighbor screamed at them, and then me, as my dogs barked and I ran outside to see what all the fuss was about.

Only a few weeks ago, we were nailing roof shingles to his home and clearing debris from his yard as a freaking HURRICANE freakishly blew through Cincinnati. And today, he says "I CANNOT SPEAK TO YOU!"

Rebecca Lawrence said...

Who would have thought that North Carolina would become a "New Battleground?"