Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sorry to miss this one... and Free $50?

Dennis and Eddie, certainly an odd pairing, but this is an event I'd love to attend. Sadly, it's up in Cleveland and I'm going to be attempting to drive back from Chicago, so won't be able to make it. This is another one of those weekends where everything seems to be happening everywhere at once. So, if you're in Cleveland, go to this thing and videotape it for me... maybe CSPAN will be there?

Dennis is one of the few actual progressives in Congress, and one of the few members to have the courage to fight for positive change. Even if he's not in your district or even your state, please consider doing the right thing and making a last-minute contribution to Dennis' campaign.

The FREE $50?

Ohio residents can get a $50 tax CREDIT for donating to Dennis (or other political candidates). "The credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit for contributions with a limit of $50 for single filers and $100 for joint filers."

That means that if you live in Ohio and give Dennis $50 today, you can get a credit towards your Ohio state income tax of $50 when you file, so it potentially costs you NOTHING to contribute $50 to Dennis. And while you're at it, why not kick in a little more? Contribute here please!

DISCLAIMER : I'm not an accountant, and this isn't tax advice, but check it out for yourself or check with a tax professional.

The shot is Dreamscapes, one of Eddie Izzard's biggest fans. Someday I'll shoot her covered in bees.


Dave Rudin said...

Dennis Kucinich was on C-Span last week, asking questions to the commissioner of the NYC department I work for regarding the phony baloney assessment for the land under Yankee Stadium that the city gave it in order to help the Yankees float some bonds. If he continues this investigation and make her look like the liar that she is, I will strongly consider voting for him if he runs for national office again.