Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Free Prints...


Click that link and get 400 free 4x6 print credits and a Free 8x8-inch photo book, just for signing up. So it says.

Also says that I get prints, too, if my friends sign up for free. Doesn't say you have to actually buy anything.

So, go ahead and sign up, friend. What do we have to lose?

At left is Alison, looking a bit skeptical...

P.S. On edit, true enough, you get credits for machine prints of several sizes, mousepads, buttons, whatnot... doled out over the course of the next three years. Several offers are available immediately, others you have to come back for in a couple months, then a couple months after that, etc. So, it's a pretty clever marketing plan to get you to revisit the site and claim your free stuff, knowing you're likely to buy other items along the way. So, the link works still, or refer your friends to get even more freebies. Woot!

On edit again, the majority of the offers for the odds and ends are available immediately upon joining, with 50 5x7s and 50 4x6s, and 10 4-up wallet prints made available each month for 12 months. I haven't tried to see what the postage charges are yet (possibly offsetting the savings) though.

Postscript again: turns out they seem to be making up for the "free" stuff to a great extent with somewhat pricey shipping & handling. I tried making a small book, two copies (free except for $3 upcharge for added pages) and the S&H was about $15. Had tried earlier adding 4 "free" mousepads and 10 "free" badges, and the S&H shot up to $45. So, caveat emptor, y'all.