Friday, January 9, 2009


Here are four more semi-random shots from the "recovered" hard drive. While I was proud of the recovery success, I guess that's the sort of personal victory that everyone else sort of shrugs their shoulders at. Oh well. That's Nia in the tree, Kate between the sheets, and a bodyscape of Jacquie.

Have my first shoot for the year scheduled tomorrow with a model I've not shot for going on 2 years. That's her bum at the top of this entry. Hard to believe time has flown like that. Hopefully we won't get too much nasty "wintry mix" as the weatherfolk like to call it these days... although she's already volunteered to do nude snow angels, so who knows?

Nearly caught up on editing the trade shoot images I owe models, so will be picking up the camera some in the next few weeks. But also need to go back through the "non-trade" shoots from last year and edit those images as well.

Part of the plan in the new year is to be somewhat more selective so as not to "swamp my boat" again with editing. It's tricky to find a balance between getting ahead of myself, and getting out of practice. Been in the new studio over a month now and have barely managed to do any shooting in it. Guess I'll need to get busy and remedy that situation.


Tia said...

The shots are beautiful.. despite the old watermark ;).

steve g said...

Nice bum