Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Affairs of state

When I first started working with nude models, I showed a set of images to a woman I know, and the first observation out of her mouth was "Well, you'll never be able to run for public office now." I'm not sure if that implies she'd somehow considered me someone who was likely to run for office, or someone who should, or maybe it was just because we frequently discussed politics from nearly opposite ends of the spectrum.

So, maybe that explains why I'm encouraged to read about the "serious relationship" between French President Sarkozy and model/singer Carla Bruni (shown at right in a shot by Mario Testino). At one point, Bruni was one of the top fashion/glamour models in the world, and like most international models, has done her share of tasteful topless and nude work. And now it appears that she may be the next "First Lady" of France, so that's progress of a sort. I haven't heard of any outcry from the French citizens about this part of her resume, although there's the usual buzz and gossip that goes with a politician dating a celebrity. Reminds me of a few years back when Laetitia Casta was chosen to be the model for Marianne, the French symbol for the spirit of France and the revolution. Her face and figure are celebrated in public buildings, stamps, etc. in spite of (or perhaps due to) her forays into nude modeling.

Now, it's a long way from Paris to Ohio, but perhaps the day will arrive when someone who has done work as a art nude/erotic photographer or model would be able to be a serious political candidate in the US. (I'm not sure Mary Carey counts.) Probably would need to be a pretty liberal place initially (Seattle, San Francisco), but as long as there isn't an effort to "cover it up," it might not be that big a negative to hold against him/her. Or maybe I'm just dreaming... this shot is the stately Amaya, driving another nail into the coffin of my political career.