Friday, January 18, 2008

Sexy Sadie

The first time I'd ever heard the name "Sadie" was in the song "Sexy Sadie" from the Beatles "White Album" when I was at an impressionable age, so it's always been inextricably connected to "Sexy" in my mind. Fast forward more years than I'd care to admit, and I actually met a Sadie, one of the guests at a wedding I was helping Andi shoot. She's a theatre student, and really struck me with her energy, wit, and that big smile. Before long, I'd given her my card and invited her to look over my portfolio and consider if she'd like to do some pictures sometime. We finally had an opportunity to get together last month for a quick shoot, and I think I managed to capture a hint of her spirit in the confines of my motel room. I'm looking forward to warmer weather when we're planning to do more outdoor work at a few promising locations she has in mind. Thanks Sadie!