Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dirty Nine

Just got word today that a couple of my shots were accepted to hang in this year's Dirty Show. Still hearing from some other folks about their entries, including Andi who also got two pieces in the show after I twisted her arm to enter... congratulations Andi! Now February doesn't seem so far away... gotta get stuff ready!

Another good part about being in the show is the opportunity to participate in the "museum store" where I'll have a variety of "loose prints" and possibly a couple framed pieces, and maybe a few copies of the book, and who knows what else?

This shot is Sativa, an image I entered that wasn't chosen. I'll keep the selected ones under wraps until after the show, as usual. It's running over two weekends this time, From the "big opening" party on February 8th until the 16th, so make plans to attend. Detroit is so enchanting in mid-February...