Saturday, January 5, 2008

Almost Famous

Not to turn this into a book review blog, but an item I'd pre-ordered back in October arrived yesterday, My Favorite Model, from Goliath books. Subtitled "43 outstanding photographers portray 44 gorgeous models" it is a collection of 8-10 page chapters from each photographer. I know BT had submitted a set of shots of the gorgeous JJ, but sadly his isn't included. Each section has a one-page "interview" survey from each model, and a little photo/blurb of each of the photographers is included in the back. I had expected that there would be at least a paragraph from each photographer explaining why the model they chose is his/her favorite, but that seems to be lacking. Perhaps they were all pretty much the same: "This model inspires me to do my best work, and we really connect creatively." Or maybe they just figured people would rather see more pictures and less text (especially since it might need to be translated into 5 languages, as the introduction is).

Included in the book are three models I have had the pleasure of working with. Carlotta Champagne graces the book's cover (above), and is really the consummate professional, while still being charming and "real" and looks amazing in anything, or nothing at all.
I just recently worked with Liz Ashley for the first time, which I hope won't be the last. Also very professional and friendly, she brought a lot of ideas to the studio, and did all she could to ensure a successful shoot.
Third alphabetically, but second to none, Sativa Verte is also included in the book. Always lots of laughs with Sativa, and I've always felt we got great stuff together. She lives in NYC, but has family in Ohio, so I'm lucky enough to have worked with her several times, and am looking forward to doing so again soon.
Congratulations on your inclusion in the book... you're certainly three favorites of mine!


Gary M Photo said...
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Gary M Photo said...

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Orixx said...
I love Sativa's stuff, and my favorite picture she ever had in her MM port is that one you took of her and another model together.. don't know if it's still up, but it made me W.O.L. (wow out loud).
JANUARY 6, 2008 6:50:00 PM EST  

Orixx said...
Oooh, it is still there:

JANUARY 6, 2008 6:53:00 PM EST  
FotoVizions said...
You should consider doing photo seminars and invite people like Hicks ...
I am thinking I like your style of work much better and he could learn a few things from you.
JANUARY 9, 2008 8:15:00 PM EST