Friday, June 6, 2008

Angel on a rainy night

Some of the highlights from my shoot with Angel on a cold and rainy night a few weeks back. We had our first shoot last year, which was one of her first modeling shoots, and we were both quite pleased with the results. She's since started doing more modeling with area photographers and attending group shoots to diversify her portfolio, and seems to be having a great time doing it. She's trained as a dancer, which translates into a strong ability to pose and be aware of what her body is doing when she's posing.

She'd been sort of fascinated by the rain that was falling for the duration of the shoot, so I just decided we should go out and do a few shots in the rain. Afterward, we did the wet hair shots in the studio, which are probably my favorites of the night. Thanks Angel for the shoot, braving public nudity in the rain, and for your patience. :)