Monday, June 16, 2008

Ki$$ and Make-Up

Saw an interesting item online this morning... SG vs. Lithium Picnic lawsuit settled. I guess I am, for one, among those who believed the line that this was an important "freedom of expression" and "rights of the artist" sort of issue. So, I contributed a bit here and there, and posted a link for a while.

But in summary, it appears that after railing about $uicide Girls being the embodiment of evil and oppression, LP has struck a deal with them to do more work for them, reinstate a lot of his old work, and he's now touting memberships thru his affiliate link to help cover "legal costs" associated with the case.

So, what the hell? I became an SG affiliate. If it's good enough for LP, it's good enough for me. Click here or the banner below and join to help me recover the cost of what I contributed to the LP Defense Fund. You'll see lots of naked women from all over the world, many with tattoos and piercings, if that's your style. - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls

My photo is "Infamy" from a set she asked me to shoot for SG a couple years ago, but I don't believe she ever actually submitted. Probably for the best.