Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More random notes...

Kate -- the shots here are of a lovely new model working under a couple different names, so I'll just call her Kate. Quite a few nice shots from this recently edited set, so look for more soon.

Erotic Art of Today -- just got word that the oh-so-modestly titled "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Volume II" is now shipping, and my complimentary copy will be on its way to me soon. I was considering buying a supply to make signed copies available, but the logistics just aren't going to work out. If you're interested in getting an unsigned copy, please click these links: Vol. II - Hardcover ($32.97+shipping), or Vol. II - Softcover ($23.07+shipping). Again, this book features my "Cruel Shoes" shot of Iris as well as photos and art from many talented people from around the world. As was pointed out elsewhere, the work was selected from those who paid to enter the competition, but nevertheless, the competition was quite strong, with many well-known artists taking part, and many beautiful pieces not making the final cut. "The World's Greatest" part of the title seems a bit grandiose... simply calling it "Erotic Art of Today" would sit better with me.

No time to blog -- technically, I should NOT be doing this. Have a ton of stuff to take care of before heading out to LA this weekend for what should be an amazing workshop and a couple of other fantastic shoot opportunities. Going to get the full coverage on the rental car, too, you betcha. Hope to be able to report in from the road, but who knows?

Pitch a Fit -- speaking of cars, as you may have heard, I'm shopping again. I'm seriously considering a Honda Fit, their peppy little hatchbackish thing. I have driven one, and I actually fit in the Fit. I've never bought a "new" car before, but it might be time, rather than spending a lot of time trying to find something and rolling the dice on its reliability. While it's small, it's smartly designed, so should make it easy to haul stuff around to shoots if needed. But if anyone else out there has recommendations for something in the same (or lower) price range, especially something that might be available used, be sure to let me know.

Passed -- Dancer and actress Cyd Charisse passed away just recently. Probably best-known for her "Broadway Ballet" scene with Gene Kelly in "Singin' in the Rain" she had about the best legs ever, once insured for $5 million. Check 'em out. Seems there's been a lot of celebrity deaths lately, but I guess there always are.

Bo Diddley is certainly someone I expected to live forever.


Iris Dassault said...

I'm looking forward to my copy of the book! I thought it was a fabulous compilation of work. Very high quality images. As far as the entry fee - I think it just helped cover the expenses to get it published (they didn't skimp on print quality) and to support the associated art shows. I don't think these guys are making much money from it, and despite the fact that it's maybe even a bit of a money pit for them, I am quite impressed with how supportive they are of the art form.

Lin said...

I bought a really small new car, a Toyota Yaris (I've no idea what the US equivalent model is.) It isn't fashionable, it's a diesel, it makes me swear a lot, but.....it does 60 to the gallon and it never ever breaks down. With oil prices going the way they are, I'd pick economical over cool any time. Highly recommended.