Thursday, June 12, 2008

Musings on Danaid

Got a nice surprise the other morning when I saw that has again featured one of my shots as the main image on their website, giving prominent credit to the model, Danaid. I'm sure it was more about featuring her than me (just based on the size of the type) but I would totally support that decision, as she's an outstanding model who's made me look good whenever we've worked together.

She's a trained artist with quite a bit of experience with sculpture, which she is able to translate into her modeling -- she is especially a fan of Rodin (hence the name Danaid) and she reflects his unabashed sensibilities when she poses. I first met her at a Collingwood group shoot where we immediately hit it off and seemed to speak the same language. A true art model, she has no real interest in fashion or glamour work, but instead is more intent on form and line, light and shadow, texture and sensuality. She's going back to school to pursue her MFA, and sadly, some changes in her personal life have pretty much put a halt to her modeling, but we do keep in touch, and I do maintain hope that we'll get to work together again at some point.

So, for all the visitors, here's a collection of some of my work with Danaid. Enjoy responsibly.

And Danaid, thanks for everything, and for making me look good.

For the English version of the original NuExpo feature, check the comments on this entry.


unbearable lightness said...

Congratulations, Danaid and Gary.