Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chicago Connection

Chitown... City of the Big Shoulders, Meatpacker to the World, whatever that meant at one time. Have a longer connection here than I thought, but I dimly remember booking the earlier flight out of Dayton just to give myself a little more time to make the connection. My luck at O'Hare last time was just dreadful, but so far, so good. My connecting gate was quite nearby, so no trams or moving sidewalks or "sliding doo" required. Found a Chili's to grab a bite, but wi-fi is $6.95, so I'll just do the old compose offline, upload later trick. Speaking of Chicago, the top photo is another of Sara Swa, one of Chicago's outstanding models.

Blog readership seems to be off here somewhat since Candy Poses and Orixx both shut down their blogs. Had a nice spike with the front page features, but I've been replaced there by Stephan De Lay, which is something of an honor unto itself. (On edit: Orixx will be reinstating her blog on a private basis... if you were a regular reader, contact her for an invitation.) Both Orixx and Candy have said they're getting out of the modeling game, and will be limiting themselves to very select projects with established contacts... sad to see these two wonderful models "retiring" but I understand the decision and I wish them the best in their future pursuits.

Chicago is also the "birthplace" of Playboy Magazine, and coincidentally, a couple models I've worked with are on newsstands now. Congratulations to Heather, the singer/model featured in the sidebar at left. She popped up in the July Playboy "Grapevine" section in a shot by DK... I haven't seen it yet, but I imagine that will give her music and modeling careers a boost.

Another model I've shot, Destiny, also has a photo in the June/July Playboy "Lingerie" Special Edition -- the Special Editions are the photo-only magazines they put out for those who REALLY have no interest in "reading Playboy for the articles." Destiny is in the "Casting Call Ft. Lauderdale" feature in the back of the book, looking good. Maybe she'll get a full feature soon as a result. Keep hoping to find a time to work with her on one of her trips back to Ohio, but it never pans out. Congrats to both Destiny and Heather.

Well, the check is paid, the turkey sandwich is gone, the tryptophan is kicking in, so I'd best get to the gate and get on my plane. Hoping to be able to nap for most of the five hours and frighten the rest of the passengers with my demonic snoring. Sounds like a bad Stephen King plot... next report: LA!


Lin said...

Yo tryptophan! Mmm...all those wonderful warm and happy vibes. Good to see you're keeping abreast of nutrition.

I was very sorry to see both Orixx and Candy quit modeling and blogging, but I hope they won't bow out of the art world completely. Good luck to both.

Zombie Edward said...

I haven't been reading your blog 'cause I was in New York, carrying a backpack that was at least forty pounds, hiking up the sides of mountains. :) Then playing tourist at Niagra Falls.