Saturday, June 21, 2008

California: The High Desert

Made it to LAX and LA with no problems. Discovered on the plane that the little leather part on the headrest isn't merely decorative... it adjusts up and down and the sides fold forward to cradle your head to help you sleep without your head lolling to one side. (How come the flight attendants don't demonstrate THAT before takeoff?) Despite being quite comfy in my exit row seat, didn't manage to get much sleep. I now have had almost two days to adjust to jet lag, so hopefully that won't present a problem.

The big problem will be the heat. They call this part of California "the high desert" evidently because you'd have to be high to live here in the summer. My friend Dave was trying to reassure me "oh, it'll be a little cooler because it's the high desert, rather than the low desert... well, the low desert is Death Valley." It's almost 8am and the weather now would be perfect if it lasted all day, but the high is supposed to get up to 105 or so... maybe the workshop should have started at dawn, but instead actual shooting won't commence until 10:30 and go until about 5:00 for peak brain-frying efficiency.

Sat next to Lori, the event organizer, at dinner last night, and she admitted she wasn't thinking about the heat when she set it up. I guess if you've lived in California for a while, it's just something you deal with. It was good hanging out with her, three of the other photographers, a couple of the stylists, and one of the models. Just met a couple other photographers down at the hotel breakfast thing, and so far it seems like a good crowd. Just hope I can keep my mental focus through the day on what *I* am doing instead of what's going on around me.

Went to Target after dinner last night and stocked up on some "heat beating" tools that might help a bit, including a soft-side cooler that can double as an auxilliary camera bag... large enough to hold an extra lens or two, memory cards, a towel, a bottle of water, a couple ice packs. A LOT better than carrying my regular case that's loaded with "just in case" stuff I probably won't use, so that will stay in the car or "home base."

So, despite all this bitching, I AM excited to see what the day has in store. Looking forward to seeing the location and seeing what instruction is offered and working with the models and hopefully getting good stuff... wish me luck!

The shot at top is Chase from Florida... it reminded me of the desert for some reason...


unbearable lightness said...

Actually, I thought the photo was taken in the desert, too. I thought, WOW! How did Gary get the photo finished so fast???

MarcWPhoto said...

Never mind the heat, who schedules outdoor shooting for late morning to late afternoon in the summer anyway?

Hope you brought some sunshades.