Sunday, November 2, 2008

Down to the wire

Well, mercifully, it's down to two days until election day, but no telling if we'll have a clear winner election night. For instance, someone just told me they'd heard that early votes in Montgomery County (where I live) would NOT be counted on election day as a BOE worker had told me, but rather after the fact, the way they usually deal with absentee voters. I can't find confirmation online however, so I will reserve hope that this is NOT the case. I can't find anything online with details, but I DO know that given the large lead Obama purportedly has in early voting, and that Montgomery County is one of the bluest in the state, if those votes are NOT tallied on election night, it will be as if they don't exist and could make the state numbers appear to be a lot closer than they really are. And if the newly lawsuit-happy Republicans decide to try to "call" the state for McCain before a substantial number of early votes are counted, we could have the Florida 2000 nightmare repeated in Ohio.

The video features a segment of Paul Simon's old song "American Tune" -- I've heard a cover of it a few times recently, and that part did strike me as worthy of a campaign commercial. I guess someone's on my wavelength.

Something I predicted to a few friends, but failed to post here, has come to pass. Early this summer, when gasoline was around $4.00 a gallon, I predicted that it would be down to $2.50 by election day. My reasoning for this was that the oil companies, hoping for "Bush's third term" would force prices down so that it would be removed as a campaign issue, and/or so Bush/McCain could somehow take credit for bringing the prices back in line. Then, after the election, especially if Obama wins, prices would jump back up. I was right about the first part (I saw it for $1.99 driving home last night), but maybe not for the reason I predicted. Of course, who can tell?

The shot is Missy, expressing my feelings upon hearing the (possible) news about the early vote count...

On Edit: just called the BOE, and the woman who answered the phone said that they "will endeavor" to include the early votes in tomorrow evening's counting, but due to physical limitations of the staff and equipment, they may not be counted until 6am Wednesday, or maybe 6pm Wednesday... but would be included in the certified results. Well, at least I know I didn't leave a dimpled chad...

Hang on folks, this may get real ugly.


Orixx said...

A dimpled chad? Oh I know you love archaic expressions, but we are going to have to talk about this one ;). What about Greene county where I voted?