Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Hate in Dayton...

Evidently, Friday night, there was a prayer meeting at the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton, which is just a few blocks from my studio, and someone was seen spraying an unidentified chemical irritant through the window of the nursery room where children were attended to during the services. While nobody was seriously harmed, the police have been unable to identify what the substance was, so who knows what the long-term effects might be?

Dayton is also one of the areas that have been saturated with an anti-Islam DVD included in the Dayton Daily News and sent via direct mail.

Dayton police say there's no proof of a "hate crime" having occurred.

So, what the hell else was it? Some guy decides to randomly spray stuff into the window of a mosque in case they have ants? What possible motive could there be other than to "get them before they get us" in this idiot's so-called mind, quite possibly prompted by the "free DVD" he got in the mail?

Also, if there was enough of the stuff to cause dozens of people irritation of the eyes, throat, etc., why is it that they couldn't collect enough to identify what it was? Something tells me if this was the big Christian megachurch by the airport, we'd know every detail, the perpetrator would be caught, and it would be national news.

If you read this blog regularly -- even the previous entry -- you know I'm not a big fan of any religion, especially those fundamentalists of ANY faith who try to impose their views on other people through government or by force. But I think violence and hate crimes are beneath contempt -- this is an act bordering on terrorism. And this is just one more reason to be hatin' Dayton.


Steve G said...

I see the Dayton Daily News fails to have a message board dedicated to this sickening act of intolerance. I wonder why that would be?

jacks said...

Cincinnati (or at least Harrison) received those DVDs too. we took one look at it and chucked it into the garbage - right next to the pamphlet about "finding your faith" at the Harrison Presbyterian Church.

the longer i live, the more obvious it becomes that standardized religion inspires just as much blind hate as blind love.

i prefer to see.

Zombie Edward said...

I saw some anti-Islam DVD at Andi's house that looked like it came in the paper or something. I don't know, I didn't ask as it was still in it's little wrapper. The planet would be better if religion didn't exist.

Anyways, back to the main thing, I too want to know how that is anything but a hate crime.