Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Real McCain 2: Electric Boogaloo

A guy I know told me a couple weeks ago that I wasn't going to like it, but he's voting for McCain, and some gibberish about not wanting the US to be negotiating while the bombs are falling. First, I'd be amazed if he'll even bother to vote. Second, he doesn't seem to get that the only real threat of bombs falling on us is Russia, and that the US militaristic policies and "fuck you" attitude is what's driving the Russians to gear up in case they need to defend themselves from the missiles we're trying to put in Eastern Europe, and our invasion/occupation of Iraq and our posturing towards Iran. McCain is the definition of "shoot first, let God sort out the corpses" so if anyone is going to bring bombs down on us, it's McCain. He also doesn't seem to realize that Iran's allies include Russia and China, who if nothing else, could sink us economically if not militarily, especially since we've now decimated, demoralized and outsourced our military over the past six years just trying to "keep the blood to shoe level" against the "insurgents" in Iraq.

This same guy is still waiting for some big payout from his union... a union that "conservatives" like McCain work vigorously to dismantle, while Republican energy and "free trade" policies are decimating the very industry that helped create the American middle class. He's receiving grants and scholarships to go back to school, so he can work towards a degree where he can become an educator... McCain and the Republicans are doing all they can to make it difficult for students to receive financial assistance to go to college, so his theoretical vote for McCain endangers his current education, as well as his future career prospects. I could go on and on regarding the ways that voting Republican is voting against his own best interests. He's simply subscribing to the culture of fear the Republicans and so-called conservatives have created, and celebrate every year on this day. Sadly, he's not alone.

By the way, President Bush, have you brought Osama Bin Laden to justice yet?


Ok... just checking.


unbearable lightness said...

Great post. Thanks to you and Stephen Haynes for sharing your thoughts on McCain and Palin and the whole charade going on.

And congratulations on your show in the People's Art Festival. I'm sorry I will miss it.

Zombie Edward said...

Oh yeah, Osama....that guy that Bush promised Amerika he'd find. It's like, people forgot all about that once he finished what his daddy couldn't do with Saddam.

Orixx said...

I love it when you talk like this <3.