Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raising the Bar

I may still chicken out, but I went ahead and pre-ordered a Canon EOS-5D Mark II. I just hope all my models don't start expecting me to provide this on a TFP basis. They'll at least have to pay for the helicopter rental.

Been getting a LOT of nice comments about these shots of PXE over on my Flickr stream, as well as a showcase over on the increasingly quiet OMP. I remember just a few months ago, she meekly posted a shot where her nipple was visible thru some fabric... now you can't keep clothes on the girl. Not that anyone is complaining... she's been doing some amazing work with tons of talented people around the country. Meow! *Dances*


Stephen Haynes said...

Yes, definitely a beautiful young woman. Perfect form for artistic nudes.

As to the 5D Mark II, I admit I'm tempted. Since my plain ole 5D is functioning fine, and already prints up to at least 20"x30" look superb, I'll wait. It's nice to see that Canon has upped the ante again, however, and no Canon user need drool over the D3 again.

Thorny Rose said...

Guess who's back to blogging ;)