Monday, September 1, 2008

Hystery in the Making

In finalizing details for a shoot last Friday, I mentioned to the model, Rebecca, that McCain would be announcing his VP pick at a rally not far from where we were planning to shoot. She thought it would be fun to "crash" the event, so I went to my nearby Republican campaign office and scored tickets to the big fiasco. As a venue, the Nutter Center is THE most fucked-up place to see anything -- worst parking scheme, worst building layout, worst acoustics -- so compound that with the added security of a presidential campaign stop and I knew we were in for a fun time. So we were there for the announcement that Sarah Palin would be McCain's VP pick. Rebecca was initially crestfallen, imaging the 18 million Hillary voters who were presented as all belonging to the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) movement, all breaking ranks to vote for John "Five Plane" McCain and Governer "Hockey Mom" Palin.

Like virtually everyone else in the building (McCain included), I had no idea who Palin was, or what she stands for. Having had a little time to haunt some of my political resources, it's pretty clear that her primary qualification is that she's a woman, and she's supposed to appeal to the fundamentalist right-wingers and "young earth" creationists. And she definitely appeals to McCain on a VPILF level, as she greeted him with an air kiss and he was repeatedly checking out her ass during her speech while fiddling with his wedding ring. But the cost is huge for McCain, in that it completely deflates his entire argument that Obama lacks experience to be president, especially since McCain's health is so dodgy, and casts further doubt on his judgment, the crux of Obama's campaign (judgement over experience). The video below does a good (and entertaining) job of summarizing what a reckless move this is for McCain...and the video seems to have been produced by a Republican.

But still, it makes me wonder if they have something else up their sleeve... so, just in case, do what you can.

The photo at top is Engel, who also does a great job of pulling off the sexy librarian look. :)